☆ MLP: Toxic ☆ Edit

No. Episode Title Release date
01 Pilot April 6, 2015
Sunset Shimmer is living a life of the war between the Earth Ponies, Pegasi and Unicorns. The problem is: she needs to see if she can survive the war or if she wants to spread magic of friendship to leave Equestria a peaceful place.
02 Meet The Unicorns April 14, 2015
During the beginning of the training, Sunset meets three unicorns who are willing to help her. Meanwhile, Princesses Celestia and Luna send Twilight Sparkle to watch over Sunset Shimmer since it has been a long time she has seen her.
03 First Day of Training April 18, 2015
After looking after Lyra and her bloody nose, Sunset goes back home to start training with her father. Later, when she takes a break, she sees Twilight. She tells her that there is another choice besides battling, but before she says anything, Sunset is called to train again.
04 Tails to be Told April 24, 2015
Sunset begins her tricks on other ponies and later sees Dusk Shine clearing up things. When she helps, two ponies named Minty and Fluttershy are seen spying on her thinking that maybe she could be friends with them.
05 New Friends, New Worries April 28, 2015
With Twilight watching, Sunset makes friends with Minty and Fluttershy as they all believe there is another way to end the war. Things also turn upside down making it harder for Sunset since her father becomes abusive.
06 Love Ends Here May 11, 2015
Dusk Shine is shown to have grown feelings for Sunset Shimmer who is complaining about her abusive father and not being able to do anything on time.
07 You Don't Understand May 23, 2015
A stressed out Sunset scolds Twilight for following her nonstop. Feeling guilty about what she said, she thinks of a way to apologize and gets comfort from her mother after her return.
08 Crushed and Crashed May 29, 2015
The battle begins and before Sunset leaves, she and Dusk confess their feelings to each other. While huddled with Minty, Fluttershy and Twilight, she sees something heartbreaking and devastating…
09 The Choice Is Made June 9, 2015
Overwhelmed for losing Lyra, Sunset loses her temper and takes her anger on two ponies. She later gets in an accident, later being hospitalized. When her friends visit, she admits why she doesn't like the war in the first place.
10 It's All Over June 16, 2015
After her recovery, Sunset declares to make peace to Equestria. This leads to her father's arrest, going live on MLP World News and other things.

💕 MLP: Blossom in the Air 💕 Edit

No. Episode Title Release date
01 A Special Gift April 10, 2015
During a nice winter day, Heather and her friend, Kelsey go together to the cherry blossom tree. Meanwhile, a stallion named Luke moves to town for a new set up.
02 Something New is Here April 15, 2015
When Luke moves in to Heather's school, she becomes too nervous to talk to him, but gets encouragement from Kelsey to do so.
03 Where True Love Meets April 21, 2015
After she finishes class, Heather runs into her rival, Ashley who brags about her becoming prettier than she will ever be. Later, she meets her new imaginary friend, Clara StarrySkies.
04 Explaining to Do April 26, 2015
Clara shows herself to Kelsey and Heather runs off to find Luke who explains that Ashley only tried to seduce him and he does not have feelings for her. She later faints out of the blue…
05 Clara's Story May 2, 2015
While Heather is relaxing in a bath under the cherry blossom tree, Clara explains to her why she was paper in the first place.
06 She's Returned! May 14, 2015
During Heather's return, Kate is diagnosed with cancer, the Glitz and Glam sisters pay a visit to the school and Ashley becomes even more selfish.
07 There is Company May 26, 2015
Heather befriends Kate and meets the Glitz and Glam sisters. She later decides to enter the singing competition.
08 Tragedy Reveals All June 2, 2015
While Ashley and Clara express their feelings through song, Clara tries to warn Heather that Ashley is trying to get rid of her.
09 Never Give Up June 11, 2015
Clara slips the truth of watching over Heather before she withers away from the soaking water. She later yells at Ashley and runs away in the rain until Luke finds her.
10 Happily Ever After June 16, 2015
During the singing competition, Heather is shown for a surprise. Later, she wins and Clara goes back to normal.

Skeletons in the Closet Edit

No. Episode Title Release Date
01 Where Everything Begins August 25, 2015
A young alicorn Aimi arrives to America all the way from Japan where she meets a young American mare, Amber who has Alex as an older brother whom Aimi seems to like. She also meets Nadia, a Jordanian pony who only speaks Arabic (even if she understands English) and Amber seems to be able to translate everything Nadia says. This is where she meets up with her cousin from Spain, Javier and one of Nadia's friends from France, Claire. The six get along pretty well until something causes Amber to be knocked over!
02 The Closet September 4, 2015
While Amber rests her leg, Alex and Aimi get to know each other for a short time. During a game of truth or dare, Javier was dared to spook Amber and she gets angry saying that no one can spook her; Alex though knows that she is only trying to be brave. So, they set themselves a challenge to go inside the abandoned closet.
03 The Mystery Begins September 16, 2015
The five members of the team search in the closet until they meet two detectives; Violetta and Isabel. After realizing that Amber is gone, the ponies split into three groups to look for clues in order to find her.
04 What Goes Up, Must Come Down September 30, 2015
Claire frames Nadia for stealing her purse, but later realizes it is a misunderstanding since there was a ghost. Meanwhile, Sebastian tries to come up with a no-good plan while a familiar mare in the dark walks around until she gets chased by bats.
05 The Mix-Match Triangle October 12, 2015
Alex finds a triangular piece and shows it to Aimi. He says it reminds him in the time he watched Amber play "The Triangle Factory" on Classzone. Later as they go further, they step on buttons that contain songs that were placed for unknown reasons. Three guests also appear!
06 Frustrations and Confusions October 23, 2015
Isabel is hanging around while giving a bag to Javier and Violetta containing the clues she collected from each group. Meanwhile, more bats come from the room and they can hear zombies!
07 The Water-Proof Evidence November 6, 2015
Strange things are going on in each group, but they are getting close to the center so they can all find Amber together. In one of the groups, Javier finds a baby dragon and thinks he's seen him before. In another, Nadia finds her baby hamster Hamtaro and sings to him. And in the last group, Alex comes up with a plan to escape the witches and rescue Aimi.
08 Solutions and Confusions November 15, 2015
The whole gang bumps into each other again. And as they do, Alex recognizes his pet dragon and he says it reminds him of Amber. Meanwhile, some nasty stranger comes by to flirt with Aimi, but she has the power to attack him.
09 Confessions and Charges November 28, 2015
The gang is still wondering where Amber could be until they saw a ghost. Isabel says that "she is the weapon" after she defeats the ghost and later two guests appear. One of them is a relative of Aimi who is working as an officer and someone comes back with a smile and the closet becomes brighter.
10 Suspicions to Notice December 1, 2015
Now that Amber has returned, everyone is at Officer Yuzuki's office waiting for her to have a discussion. As they wait, we introduce Aimi's little sister, Kotori who had a birth defect and it turns out she was the actress of Aimi's favorite show, Blossom in the Air. Later after the gang finishes their discussion, something strange goes on and later we go to Sebastian's friend who is fed up of his actions.
11 Sugar & Spice w/ Pieces of Peace December 2, 2015
Aimi comes across the girl who broke up being friends with Sebastian. They talk about how the situation goes on until Hamtaro brings Aimi to a special surprise. The story, however is a twist so there could be some mixtures of tragedy and happiness. Plus, some bad pony is about to go to jail.

Dreamer Paradise (season 1) Edit

No. Overall episode Episode title Release date
01 01 My Goal To Face December 20, 2016
Starlight tells her story about how she was very close to her family when she was just a little filly. When she turned 16, she was set to go to a special summer camp to make new friends as we learn that she was very shy and did not interact with anyone else besides her sisters.
02 02 We Want Sense, No Fence December 23, 2016
Starlight meets Spike who states he is about to make a team with all eight members of the clubhouse. Along the way, Starlight meets some ponies such as Flash, Fluttershy, Pinkie and more. However, Fluttershy appears to be in a critical condition, which causes Spike's magic to form the team fail.
03 03 Save The Mysterious Girl December 27, 2016
Starlight and her peers all think of way to help Fluttershy come to an "awakening" in order to help Spike form his team. There have been a lot of ideas such as skits, sleepovers and more.
04 04 Release the Entertainment December 30, 2016
After the slumber party, the girls are going to watch Red and Spike play the drums and a group of stallions doing a short skit. Starlight later feels down…
05 05 Cheers for two; I love you January 3, 2017
Starlight tells her story to Spike about how she has been very close to her family and no one else. She is later given a task to sing a solo in front of her peers. Starlight later finds Flash and asks him for advice. Will she consider him as a good friend or does she like him more than that?
06 06 Open the gates, spread your wings January 6, 2017
After a conversation with Flash, Starlight decides to go outside and take a walk until she finds a little filly crying because her stuffed animal is stuck on a tree. Starlight finds a spell to help bring it down, but the question is… was it the right spell?
07 07 The spirit of surprises yet to come January 10, 2017
When Starlight is about to get down from the tree with her scratched leg, she notices her friends gathered up around the tree and she falls off. Luckily, Flash arrives on time to catch Starlight and put her to a soft landing. How will Starlight be able to think of her solo and will she manage to survive?
08 08 Young and Beautiful January 15, 2017
Starlight sings her song to spread something important to her peers. Miracles and curses have happened afterwards…
09 09 Leaving darkness for light January 19, 2017
Due to the darkness spreading, Starlight falls under an anxiety leaving Flash to try to calm her down while Fluttershy helps Red to look for something to help the rest of the group try to break the spell.

Dreamer Paradise (season 2) Edit

No. Overall episode Episode title Release date
01 10 A Dragon's Tail February 19, 2017
Spike and Celestia appear to have a conflict on who will eat the most cake when everyone is supposed to work on their essays.
02 11 Come Over to Prism Playhouse! February 22, 2017
The group of ponies are about to continue their essays until they get invited to watch three ponies sing live on Prism Playhouse. When they meet them backstage, they are about to see a big surprise…
03 12 A Lucky Surprise February 25, 2017
Now that Starlight has returned, she comes to some coincidences such as running into Sweetie Belle once again. When Flash sees her, he asks Starlight a question that surprises her…
04 13 Break Up Make Up March 2, 2017
Starlight walks in only to find her sisters arguing again. How is she going to fix the crisis this time? Or will she be too frustrated to do anything?
05 14 What the future holds March 2, 2017
Starlight talks to Flash about her problem while Sky and Wysteria have a short discussion. There may be a chance they will make up…
06 15 We Are One! April 9, 2017
Starlight and her sisters are thinking of ideas about the weekend. Meanwhile, Pinkie fixes her toys to donate for charity.

Harmonic Girls Edit

No. Episode title Insert Song Release date
01 Faithful and Strong Raise This Barn July 1, 2017
It’s Twilight’s birthday and during the surprise party, Celestia gives her a task to go to different places around Equestria and start searching for the Elements of Harmony. During her journey, she must start learning the true meanings of friendship. She begins at Sweet Apple Acres where she meets Applejack.
02 Sharing Kindness So Many Wonders July 5, 2017
Applejack and Twilight set off to Manehattan to find an abandoned shelter filled with cars. They meet Fluttershy who is trapped inside. Once they free her, they learn something unique about Fluttershy while coming across a giant baby bear.
03 A Sweet Ride Giggle at the Ghosty July 12, 2017
When the girls stop back to Ponyville, Twilight goes to Sugarcube Corner to go get a sweet treat where she meets Pinkie Pie. When the four ponies go on the search for the other three elements, another storm occurs…
04 A Gem to Remember The Rules of Rarity July 19, 2017
The girls reach the Crystal Empire where Twilight meets Shining, Cadance and Flash. They later come across a generous designer named Rarity who appears to have her gems stolen.
05 Every Cloud Matters I'll Fly July 26, 2017
Twilight puts a spell on her friends before they travel to Cloudsdale. When they arrive, they meet Rainbow Dash who is taking care of a large toy rabbit, and the girls agree to help her out.
06 The Lake of Harmony Love Is In Bloom August 9, 2017
The Mane 6 goes to visit the Lake of Harmony where they can get "upgrades" for the Elements. They do have some summer time fun along the way and run into the Cutie Mark Crusaders. On the same day, the last element has been revealed. Who could it be?
07 Fighting The Unicorns N/A August 18, 2017
Twilight wakes up noticing her castle was destroyed. After finding out that Trixie and her minions are responsible for it, Twilight feels that they should be exposed for unfaithful practice so they wouldn't be able to take over Equestria.
08 Harmony and Peace We Can't Stop September 2, 2017
The elements are off to find the three unicorns until they fall into a portal that leads them to Starswirl the Bearded's world. Sunset and Starlight have both revived, but Trixie is the only pony responsible for the damage and has to pay the price. She casts a spell, but it backfires big time…

The Strikers Edit

No. Episode title Release date
01 Mysterious New Student October 1, 2017
During a normal school day, Harriet meets with Julienne who recently did her hair like Daenerys from Game of Thrones. After a history lesson, she gets attacked by the popular girl in school by the name Alana, only to be stopped by a mysterious new student named Eric. He tells Harriet a secret about him, which gets her mind into a puzzle…
02 Crashing The Party October 8, 2017
On the day of the costume party, Harriet decides to dress up as Bella Swan from Twilight. Alana throws water on her, and when she leaves, Julienne slips out Alana's affair causing her to begin suffering in some physical pain. When Harriet hides behind the tree, she sees Eric and gives him a request to help her save Julienne.

Separated Love Edit

No. Episode title Release date
01 The Meeting October 29, 2017
Mackenzie is an antisocial pony who lives with her mother and her sister, Phoebe. The two girls one day go to a gathering for different schools, where Mackenzie meets Joshua. They become best friends in the process, but will Mackenzie think of Joshua more than that?
02 What Is This? November 5, 2017
A few days after meeting Joshua, it appears Mackenzie couldn't stop thinking about him, and she has no idea why. In the process, she talks to one of her friends, Lucy and later Joshua call her, since he couldn't stop thinking about her either. Does this mean they have feelings towards each other?
03 Confession November 19, 2017
A few days later, Mackenzie's mother and sister leave the house. As Mackenzie gets the house to herself, she calls Joshua. They talk about music, and later… Joshua feels he needs to tell Mackenzie a certain something that will really surprise her.
04 Mackenzie's Answer November 26, 2017
After Joshua's confession, Mackenzie has no idea what to say. Her sister also tells her a secret she has, which Mackenzie respects since she loves her no matter what. What is Mackenzie's answer to Joshua?
05 Around The Corner December 19, 2017
After Phoebe came out to Mackenzie as lesbian, the sisters bond a stronger relationship. While they are playing with their toys, their mother is off to dinner… again… while Joshua calls Mackenzie to check on her.
06 A Big Surprise December 31, 2017
During New Year's Eve, Mackenzie has not planned anything out, and later meets with Lucy and Raymond who come visit. She wants to plan a surprise for Joshua, but he comes up with something that surprised her…
07 Smiles Turn Into Frowns January 11, 2018
A few days after Joshua left to go back to his area, Mackenzie learns from Phoebe that she got a new girlfriend named Lulu. Meanwhile, Mackenzie is working on one of her essays until her friend, Lucy is seen as abused…
08 Third Wheels and Rock Bottom January 16, 2018
While Marielle, Phoebe and Lulu are having their lunch, Mackenzie is missing Joshua and he gives her a voicemail asking for a pause, but Mackenzie herself takes it the wrong way. Meanwhile, she encounters Lucy still being abused and is in complete shock.
09 Until We Meet Again January 16, 2018
Mackenzie and Lucy both recover from their pain and Mackenzie goes for a walk until she bumps into a famous singer who was in the exact same situation as she was before. This causes Mackenzie to realize what Joshua really tried to tell her.