The Pri☆Chan Chorus is an upcoming project Dina is going to host along with Jewlie on YouTube. Short English covers of some songs from the anime Kiratto Pri☆Chan were posted, which includes solo specials. This project is the successor to a complete project, which is the PriPara Chorus.

New prichan chorus logo

Singers Edit

Idols Edit

  • Mirai Momoyama – Mahou-Yume (Riko Yumehara)
  • Emo Moegi – Jewlie
  • Rinka Aoba – NicoNico Usagi
  • Anna Akagi – Grand Printemps
  • Sara Midorikawa – Lightning-chan
  • Mel Shido – Raspberry Crème (Dina Naddy)
  • Anju Shiratori – Hibiki♡Covers
  • Dia – TBA
  • Suzu Kurosawa – TBA
  • Maria Kanamori – Kyoka Mirai

Solo specials Edit

  • Dina Naddy
  • NicoNico Usagi

Completed songs Edit

  1. Kiratto Start! (TV opening version included)
  2. Pretty☆Channel (TV ending version included)
  3. One • Two • Sweets
  4. Love Love Sensor
  5. Ready • Action!
  6. Play Sound☆
  7. Sparkling☆Awakening Reincarnation

Character profiles Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the PriPara Chorus, this one will have only a few songs to be dubbed. And cast members are set, rather than just being switched from time to time.
  • On Google Drive, there are some videos to be included for some songs.
  • The original character profiles were translated and posted on Facebook and Twitter to reveal the singers beginning on May 2018.
    • On January 2019, the profiles have been remade.
  • Dina, Usagi and Jewlie are the three idols who make their returning appearances from the PriPara Chorus.
  • Rinka's original cast member was Haru Katsumi, however due to some reasons, NicoNico Usagi has filled in her spot.
  • This is one of the projects where Dina began to use her stage name rather than her real name.